The Fat Babies Band – Uptown

The Fat Babies’ new album, Uptown, is a celebration of the golden era of American jazz. It combines the nostalgic nostalgia of the 1920s with the vitality and energy of the modern jazz scene. The band performed 22 tunes on the disc. Among the more well-known tracks are “Ain’t You Baby,” “Messin’ Around,” and the title track. The group has been together for nearly 10 years.

The band’s Chicago roots have earned them a following. They play jazz festivals across the country, and are a regular fixture at Uptown Chicago’s Green Mill. Many members met each other when they worked at the Green Mill, and shared a love of 1920s classic jazz. Now, they are reclaiming the style for a younger audience. A new album is expected in the near future, and fans will be able to enjoy their music even when they can’t make it to a gig.

The Fat Babies are an eight-piece jazz ensemble that interprets classic styles of the 1920s and 1930s. Founded by string bass player Beau Sample, the band performs music from your grandparents’ era. Songs by Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, King Oliver, and Jelly Roll Morton are featured on this CD. You will be able to dance and sing along with these tunes, and enjoy the ambiance of jazz.

The Fat Babies are one of the most exciting jazz groups in the world today. With the addition of new guitarist Jonathan Doyle, the band has grown to eight members. Each player is a consummate musician and has reached national and international status. Johnny Donatowicz, on banjo and guitar, and Mike McHugh on saxophone, round out the band’s sound. It’s hard to imagine a jazz band without these talented musicians.